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Programme spécifique: Euratom Site du projet CDT
Début: 01/04/2009, Fin: 31/03/2012
Responsable scientifique IPN: Jean-Luc BIARROTTE

The general goal of the CDT project is to design a FAst Spectrum Transmutation Experimental Facility (FASTEF), able to demonstrate efficient transmutation and associated technology through a system working in subcritical and/or critical mode, but also to support the development of an alternative technology to sodium-cooled reactors. This project can be considered as the next logical step after the FP6 IP‐EUROTRANS project in the view of the construction of the MYRRHA  facility at SCK●CEN Mol (Belgium) that could start in 2015. Within the CDT project, the FASTEF/MYRRHA experimental reactor is being designed with the following objectives :

  • be operated as a flexible and high-flux fast spectrum irradiation facility
    (Φ>0.75MeV = 1015 n/cm2/s) ;

  • be an experimental device to serve as a test-bed for transmutation by demonstrating the ADS technology and the efficient transmutation of high level waste ;

  • contribute to the demonstration of the Lead Fast Reactor technology without jeopardizing the two above objectives.

Even if the design of the proton accelerator itself is not part of the CDT project (see MAX project), CNRS-IPNO is nevertheless in charge of all accelerator aspects directly impacting the reactor system design. CNRS-IPNO is especially leading Task 2.4, which focus on the design of the final beam line transporting the 2.4 MW proton beam from the 600 MeV LINAC down to the spallation target located inside the reactor core.



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