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Introduction to the Library

The library posesses the volumes previously found in collections from the College de France and the Institut du Radium (the laboratory founded by Marie Curie) and contains a collection of approximately 14000 books and over 400 periodical/journal titles. Today the library has been modernised and is part of the dynamic library network, "Democrite", that links the libraries of all the in2p3 laboratories. This collaborative network aims to pool collective ressources to give as wide an access to information as possible. the work of Democrite has been divided into two parts : (I) The deposition of publications, conference proceedings and theses of in2p3 researchers and engineers into the HAL-IN2P3 database ; (II) The inter-library lending of books and periodicals and the common access to inter-library resources such as journal articles through "Koha", the common catalogue. In addition, the library offers access to electronic resources through either the Université de Paris Sud or the INIST (Institut National de l’Information Scientifique et Technique). Through the INIST readers have access to the "bibliosciences" gateway which permits the download of articles from many thousands of different journal titles via both "science direct" and "web of knowledge". The library has integrated communication service since late 2010 and works closely with the service.

Missions Library

Its mission is to collect process and disseminate scientific and technical information to members of the Institute. This is a research library. Over the history of the Institute, the library has a mission to preserve the heritage (monographs, periodicals, archives).

Publications Distribution

library has also mandated to disseminate scientific laboratory production bases by HAL-IN2P3 data.
There are several types of publications : preprints, publications in journals, technical or scientific, reports , conferences congres , conferences with proceedings , theses , habilitation Research

Library Committee

The Library Committee is to propose a budget for the library and to decide on subscription of the library according to user requirement.

The members :

Members are part of the various research groups and departments of the IPN to best meet user needs.

Hagop SazdjianPrésident
Sophie HeurteauMembre
Christophe JolyMembre
Vladimir SladkovMembre
David VerneyMembre
Jonathan WilsonMembre
Valérie FroisMembre invitée

Meetings :
Library Committee meets twice a year and as needed.


La bibliothèque de l’IPN fait partie de deux réseaux IST au service de la recherche scientifique.

Le réseau Go doc !

Ce réseau est un réseau régional qui organise des journées annuelles de formations pour les professionnels IST mais aussi pour les scientifiques.

Le réseau Démocrite

C’est le réseau des professionnels de l’information scientifique et technique de l’IN2P3. Il existe un portail de ressources documentaires IN2P3 destiné aux scientifiques.



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