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Various groups of IPN are involved in research fields related to astrophysics. They are looking for
answers to important questions such as the origin of the elements in the Universe, the origin of the interstellar molecules and the source of the very high energy cosmic rays. They are also trying to understand the matter properties in the core of supernovae as well as in neutron stars.

Some works are based on theoretical models, but most of them are based on experiments, with accelerators such as the ALTO and GANIL facilities, but also with astroparticle detectors such as the Pierre Auger Observatory and the CTA Observatory.

Crab Nebula

Image : Crab Nebula (colour composite). The green light corresponds mostly to hydrogen emission in the supernova remnant. The blue light originates from synchrotron emission of relativistic electrons, which are accelerated in the pulsar and its nebula.



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