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Bira van Kolck, laureate of the Langevin Prize 2015 of the SFP

The prestigious Langevin Prize of the French Physical Society rewards the work of a distinguished theorist ; this prize had not been assigned for several years. Bira van Kolck (CNRS-IN2P3 IPN Orsay) and François Gélis (CEA IphT) have just been named winners of the Langevin Price 2015 for their outstanding work on QCD.

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ALTO reveals shape coexistence close to 78Ni

A. Gottardo, D. Verney, C. Delafosse, F. Ibrahim, B. Roussière, C. Sotty, S. Roccia, C. Andreoiu, C. Costache, M.-C. Delattre, I. Deloncle, A. Etilé, S. Franchoo, C. Gaulard, J. Guillot, M. Lebois, M. MacCormick, N. Marginean, R. Marginean, I. Matea, C. Mihai, I. Mitu, L. Olivier, C. Portail, L. Qi, L. Stan, D. Testov, J. Wilson, and D. T. Yordanov

The observation of a deformed ground state in 32Mg (N = 20) and the existence of shape coexistence in 44S (N = 28), nuclei with magic numbers of neutrons and thus expected spherical, has deeply revolutionized the understanding of the structure of neutron-rich nuclei. It highlights the disappearance, in certain neutron-rich nuclei, of magic numbers established for stable isotopes and the emergence of new magic numbers away from the valley of stability. Is such a change in the structure (...)

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Probing clustering in excited alpha-conjugate nuclei

B. Borderie, G. Ademard, M.F. Rivet

The fragmentation of quasi-projectiles from the nuclear reaction 40Ca+12C at 25 MeV per nucleon bombarding energy was used to produce alpha-emission sources. From a careful selection of these sources provided by a complete detection and from comparisons with models of sequential and simultaneous decays, evidence in favor of alpha-particle clustering from excited 16O, 20Ne and 24Mg is (...)

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Elias Khan, Laureate of the CNRS Silver Medal 2016

Elias Khan, Professor at the Université Paris-Sud, is a nuclear physicist of wide international reputation. He is outstanding for his rare approach to research from multiple angles : experiment, theory, and applications. As an experimentalist, he was able to tackle original questions with innovative methods. For example, his work on the evolution of compression modes in neutron-rich nuclei allowed him and his collaborators to be ahead of international (...)

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IPN Orsay and the ESS French Partner days

On February 4th, the laboratory visit part of the ESS French Partner event exhibited the impressive facilities at Institut de Physique Nucléaire d’Orsay (IPNO), Laboratoire Léon Brillouin (LLB) and IRFU Saclay the many participants from French institutes and industry. The tour of the laboratories helped visualise some of the prototypes that will later on be produced in series and installed at ESS in Lund as part of the French In-kind Contribution to the project. The half-day programme (...)

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