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ADS activities, MYRRHA

ADS systems

In the context of sustainable development, nuclear energy, due to its very small contribution to the greenhouse effect, is increasingly advocated to meet the future increase in global energy demand. However, this solution is highly debated, especially because the current generation of pressurized water reactors (PWR) is generating significant amounts of high-level, long-lived radioactive wastes, especially minor actinides. The management of these radioactive wastes has become more relevant than ever.

An elegant solution to this problem could be the transmutation of the AM induced by fast neutrons in dedicated sub-critical systems. The exteranl neutron source in this case is provided through a high-power proton accelerator which sends its beam on a spallation target located inside the sub-critical core or the reactor. This is the ADS concept (Accelerator Driven System).

The feasibility of such an ADS system relies mainly on the use of an efficient and highly reliable accelerator in order to avoid any excessive thermal stresses on the target and especially on the structures of the reactor core. The challenge here is to develop an accelerator concept suited to this goal, so as to demonstrate, through the construction and testing of prototype components, that the level of reliability required by this application (less than a few failures beam per year ) can be achieved.

The MYRRHA project

"MYRRHA will be an innovative pan-European large Research Infrastructure. As a fast spectrum irradiation facility, it completes the renewal of European research area of experimental reactors. MYRRHA will be the unique first large facility in the world that will allow the demonstration of the Accelerator Driven System (ADS) concept, thus initiating a large programme of research in the field of spent fuel partitioning and transmutation. It will be the only fast spectrum irradiation facility in the EU."

ESFRI roadmap 2010


MYRRHA (“Multi-purpose Hybrid Research reactor for High-tech Applications”) is a new flexible fast spectrum research reactor that is planned to be operational around 2023 in SCK●CEN Mol (Belgium). Composed of a proton accelerator, a spallation target and a 100 MWth core cooled by liquid lead-bismuth, it is especially designed to be be able to operate in both sub-critical (ADS mode) and critical mode. To feed its sub-critical core with an external neutron source, the MYRRHA facility requires a 2.4 MW proton accelerator (600 MeV, 4 mA) operating in continuous mode, and above all featuring a very limited number of unforeseen beam interruptions.

IPNO Contribution to ADS accelerators


The conceptual design of an ADS accelerator is under development for about 10 years. These activities have been coordinated by the Accelerator Research Department of IPN Orsay at the European level through the successive EURATOM Framework Programmes projects. They advocate the use of a solution based on a superconducting linear accelerator, so as to obtain an efficient and highly modular machine, with great potential in terms of reliability.

Since 2011 and the launch of the MAX project, supported by EURATOM FP7, these studies mainly focus on the case of the accelerator for MYRRHA in order to try to provide a consolidated design with a sufficient level of detail to start in 2015 a possible detailed design phase before construction.

The main activities carried out by IPN Orsay are the following :

  • General linac design
  • Beam dynamics studies
  • R&D on Spoke cavities
  • R&D on innovative concepts for fault-tolerance implementation
  • Specific studies on the accelerator/reactor interface

Picture : the ADS prototype cryomodule used for the test of fast fault-recovery procedures (IPN Orsay / INFN Milano / ADEX Madrid collaboration)

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