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Programme spécifique: -
Début: 01/12/2017, Fin: 30/11/2019
Responsable scientifique IPN: S. DELLA NEGRA

Le but du projet est de concevoir des sources d’ions réactifs relativement intenses, positifs ou négatifs avec une durée de vie acceptable, un fonctionnement à des températures proches de l’ambiante et des spécifications de brillance au-dessus des sources existantes.

Programme spécifique: Blanc http://www.agence-nationale-recherc...
Début: 01/01/2014, Fin: 30/06/2018
Responsable scientifique IPN: S. FRANCHOO

We propose the development of a new generation of an integrated ion source system for the production of very pure radioactive ion beams at low energy, including isomeric beams. This ion source is also, in its own right, an experimental tool for laser spectroscopy. The Rare Elements in-Gas Laser Ion Source and Spectroscopy device will be installed at the S3 spectrometer, currently under construction as part of the SPIRAL-2 facility at the GANIL laboratory in Caen. Thus, REGLIS3 will be a source for the production of new and pure radioactive ion beams at low energy as well as a spectroscopic tool to measure nuclear hyperfine interactions, giving access to charge radii, electromagnetic moments and nuclear spins of exotic nuclei so far not studied. It consists of a gas cell in which the heavy-ion beam coming from S3 will stopped and neutralized, coupled to a laser system that assures a selective re-ionisation of the atoms of interest. Ionization can be performed in the gas cell or in the gas jet streaming out of the cell. A radiofrequency quadrupole is added to capture the photo-ions and to guide them to the low-pressure zone thereby achieving good emittance of the produced low-energy beam that will be sent to a standard measurement station.

Programme spécifique: Modèles Numériques
Début: 01/10/2012, Fin: 30/09/2016
Responsable scientifique IPN: Michel GUIDAL
Programme spécifique: Blanc
Début: 01/10/2012, Fin: 30/09/2016
Responsable scientifique IPN: Laurent TASSAN GOT
Programme spécifique: Blanc
Début: 01/09/2012, Fin: 31/08/2016
Responsable scientifique IPN: Didier BEAUMEL




Institut de Physique Nucléaire Orsay - 15 rue Georges CLEMENCEAU - 91406 ORSAY (FRANCE)
UMR 8608 - CNRS/IN2P3

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