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ALICE Upgrade: jouvence des chambre à fils construites à l’IPN Orsay

ALICE detector is going through a major upgrade phase to enhance its readout speed at a level where ALICE will be capable to record all lead lead collisions produced at the LHC from 2021. A gain of a factor of 100 with respect to the current electronic is needed for the readout of the Muon Spectrometer implying to fully replace the old boards (so-called MANU) by the new ones (so-called DualSampa), both designed at IPN Orsay. This is a total amount of 19300 boards that needs to be manufactured ; the first 400 ones have been delivered at IPN to be validated. A dedicated test bench (also designed at IPN) has shown that all boards work perfectly and match our acceptance criteria. These boards take their name from the SAMPA IC [1], designed by Sao Paulo (Brésil) team for the ALICE upgrade [2].

Boards will then be shipped to the ALICE experimental (LHC point 2) site and installed on the tracking chambers of the Muon Spectromer that can be seen at this link. Dual Sampa boards readout 64 channels with 10 MHz ADC and implements specific built-in functions such as baseline correction, zero-suppression, signal integration to minimize output data flow, etc…. Boards have two different sizes due to spatial arrangement on the detectors. Several years of R&D and tests at IPN are now being concluded by the start of the mass production.



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