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The accelerator was delivered to Orsay in June, after being commissioned successfully in March 2015 at NEC (National Electrostatics Corporation) to Middleton (Wisconsin, USA). It was installed temporarily in the SuperACO hall pending completion of IGLEX Centre commissioned in December 2016. The acceptance tests in July showed that the first accelerator tube was damaged during transport. He was replaced in August and all the equipment was assembled and tested in September 2015, incorporating the magnet high energy deviation and High energy beam lines. As the INB106 (Basic Nuclear Installation) which depends SuperACO and the buildings IGLEX was not decommissioned, it was forbidden to use the accelerator, which was put on hold. The decommissioning procedure resulted December 2d, 2015 with a publication in the Official Gazette on December 8th, allows both Andromede and the restarting of the authorization procedure to the ASN (Nuclear Safety Authority). The period to acquire a greater mastery of the accelerator and the long-term tests for debugging purposes only began in January 2016 with the help of NEC engineers, revenues for this opportunity. The beams from the ECR source have been extracted from the accelerator and the voltage 4 MV was achieved without difficulty. A second series of tests to incorporate improvements from these trials will be conducted with NEC in May 2016. The first experiments are expected in June or July 2016. The figure shows the installation in September 2015, Andromede in SuperACO hall with SF6 transfer system, the magnet of high energy selection and the beam line of High energy heavy clusters at 1.29 ° and atomic ion beams at 90 °.



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