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Tomographic image of the proton

R. Dupré, M. Guidal, and M. Vanderhaeghen

We have carried out a phenomenological analysis of the latest deep virtual Compton scattering experimental data based on the generalized parton distribution formalism. This allows us to extract the dependence of the spatial size of the proton on the quark’s longitudinal momentum. This results in the first continuous two-dimensional momentum-space image and tomography of the proton based on experimental (...)

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Chiral potential renormalized in harmonic-oscillator space

C.-J. Yang

We renormalize the chiral effective field theory potential in harmonic-oscillator (HO) model space. The low energy constants (LECs) are utilized to absorb not just the ultraviolet part of the physics due to the cutoff, but also the infrared part due to the truncation of model space. We use the inverse J-matrix method to reproduce the nucleon-nucleon scattering phase shifts in the given model space. We demonstrate that by including the NLO correction, the nucleon-nucleon scattering in (...)

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Rosenbluth Separation of the Pi 0 Electroproduction Cross Section

M. Defurne et al. (Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration)

We present deeply virtual π0 electroproduction cross-section measurements at xB=0.36 and three different Q2 values ranging from 1.5 to 2  GeV2, obtained from Jefferson Lab Hall A experiment E07-007. The Rosenbluth technique is used to separate the longitudinal and transverse responses. Results demonstrate that the cross section is dominated by its transverse component and, thus, is far from the asymptotic limit predicted by perturbative quantum chromodynamics. Nonetheless, an indication (...)

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Density-functional theory for resonantly interacting fermions with effective range and neutron matter

Denis Lacroix

A density-functional theory is proposed for strongly interacting fermions with arbitrary large negative scattering length. The functional has only two parameters that are directly fixed to reproduce the universal properties of unitary gas : the so-called Bertsch parameter ξ0 and a parameter ηe related to the possible influence of the effective range re at infinite scattering length a. Using most recent quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) estimates of (...)

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Extraction of pure transfer probabilities from experimental transfer and capture data

G. Scamps, V. V. Sargsyan, G. G. Adamian, N. V. Antonenko, and D. Lacroix

A new method is suggested to extract pure transfer probabilities from the experimental data. For the Ca40+Zr96 reaction at sub-barrier energies, the one- and two-neutron transfer probabilities at backward angle are extracted from the experimental capture (fusion) and transfer excitation functions. The pure one- and two-neutron transfer probabilities are shown to be close at the (...)

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